Folder Inserters – Preventing Machine Downtime


Folder Inserters – Preventing Machine Downtime , Maintenance and Consumables

Your business or organization is likely already using mail to communicate with customers, if you are reading this.
This post is meant to share a straightforward guideline about folder inserter machines. Tips to the most common questions relevant to consumables, Support and Technical support needs.

Folder Inserters – Average Life span?

The average Folder Inserter life span may change depending of the model and make of the machine in use. Generally speaking, a quality Folder Inserter machine such ad Quadient neopost FPi and Pitney Bowes tipically last 5 – 10 years if properly maintained.

Do Folder Inserters require maintenance?

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Likewise any other office equipment, Folder Inserter machines require periodic maintenance. Here are some recommended maintenance activities:

1. Cleaning: To keep the postal folder inserter  in optimal condition, it is important to clean it regularly. Efforts should be made to periodically remove dust, paper debris that could affect the performance of the machine.
2. Lubrication: Check the instruction manual to find out which parts of the postal bagging machine require lubrication. Using suitable lubricants will help to avoid premature wear and damage to moving parts.
3. Belts and pulleys: It is recommender to periodically check the status of belts and pulleys. Worn or damaged parts, will required be replaced to ensure proper operation.
4. Replacing worn parts: Some components of the postal forlder inserter, such as paper feed rollers or bearings may wear out over time. These parts should be checked regularly and replaced if necessary to maintain best performance.
5. Alignment Verification: From time to time, please ensure that the paper and envelope entry feeders are correctly aligned. Incorrect alignment may cause in fact paper jams or feeding problems.
In order to ensure the durability and reliability of the device over time, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s specific recommendations and maintenance instruction manual guidelines.

Folder Inserter Down – Problem Solving

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It is a good rule of thumb to store good quantities of sealing solution to support the workflow continuity.
Sealing solution or Tab Water?
Despite the creativity  of some thrifty and enterprising merrymakers, tab water may not be considered a valid alternative to Sealing Solution.  Sealing solution enables envelope glue fast breakdown for a positive seal. Using tab water instead of sealing solution may soon result in malfunctions, unexpected limestone deposits, sealer unit stagnation and consequent machine downtimes.

Sealing solution and Moistening Brushes at Reasonable Prices?

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FL SEAL IT formulation is designed to provide the chemical-physical specifications required by folder inserter machines supporting moistening brushes lifetime. Compared to other poplar branded sealing solutions in the market, FL SEAL IT offers top value for money.
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Folder Inserters Preventing Machine Downtime

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